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UX Camp Hamburg 16-08-2014 Archive

Matthias Müller-ProveKati SchröderMartin Stein

(UXCampHH Official Site)

Opening 2014

Enhancing the Touch

Frank Jacob

Sexy Research

Britta Ullrich

Boost your UX research study by using visual language

A Swiss Mini Design Thinking Session

Johannes Höhmann

UX vs. Design vs. Design Thinking vs. UX

Stephan Raimer & Katrin Herms

Was hat UX mit Design zu tun oder viel mehr, was nicht?

Mastering Scrum & UCD Expectation Management

Claudia Schönwälder

Team Breakers

Chaehan So

Why some people destroy teamwork in Design Thinking Workshops

SCRUX? Best Practice Sharing: UX + Dev in Scrum

Jens Otto Lange

Workshop: Wie arbeiten wir am besten zusammen? UX + Dev in Scrum

Snapshot on touchless gesture control

Konrad Köppe

A Timeless Way of Building –

A Brief History of UX Patterns & Dark UX Patterns

Johannes Nanninga & Fiodor Tonti

Service Design meets UX Design

Franziska Semer & Stephanie Weber

Graphic Facilitation Basic Workshop

Karen Lindemann

Guerilla UX

Fabian Fabian

Quick and dirty methods for designers, developers, and product owners to create better products together

Experten in agilen Produktentwicklungs- prozessen

Eva Maria Schön

Bestteller – How to tell stories that sell


Accelerating Ideas through Design Sprints

Allard van Helbergen

How to change your company with UX

Dirk Brünsicke, Kristina Zöllner

Meta Lean UX -
UX Research / UCD / Prototyping

Ralph Lengler, Gregor Schieke

CPUX-F – Now what?

Claudio Diaspero

Certified Professional in Usability and User Experience. Wie lassen sich welche Elemente des idealisierten Prozesses im Arbeitsalltag integrieren – und wie macht ihr es?

How to persuade decision makers / Software / Practial Examples

Kris Lohmann

Photos 2014

Other Years